Imagine, it is a beautiful day, a day to go fishing for Mackerel, smoked and fresh on your plate within 8 hours. Sailing out, you first spot seals bathing on the rocks, and you you hear them ‘talking’ to each other. Gannets diving like spears in the water catching fish faster and better then humans, a pair of Cormorants flying over. Later the day when the tide is low an Otter is swimming to the shore and later you spot a Golden Eagle who is nesting at ‘our’ hill. Don’t think this is extraordinary; this is a normal day, full of life, full of nature. Why did we leave the city, why did we put in so much effort , all we had, all this energy for all these years to build up a new life in a foreign country being in our fifties while there is nothing there, shops 1,5 hours away…..

To some there is nothing, the remoteness, the emptiness. To us The Isle of Harris, the beautiful Outer Hebrides is full!. Full of life, full of wildlife, a precious part of the Western world, still unspoilt, so beautiful that you can only be very grateful to being able to study this in pencil, in oil, in any medium, observing and trying to capture this breath taking beauty! This is all about living, all about painting! See wildlife through the eyes of a painter, it takes longer, but you indulge the beauty of it!





gannet st. kilda



Scheep, oil on paper, Isle of Harris, Western Isles, Scotland