“Who are you? What would be your answer when Suzan, portrait painter, would ask you that question. It is not so much about the answer, not at all to judge, but more to see how your face changes when you tell about your life, what you like and love to do.

Personality will be shown in your face. Or chubby children’s cheeks, clear open eyes, or lovely wrinkly faces lived a whole life, how beautiful are faces, how different and intriguing is every single one of us.

Suzan had the honour and chance to paint many people of all nationalities and ages, mostly in oil on linen. She has shared her knowledge by teaching painting to many, also from young till people in their eighties. There is no limit in learning painting, it is a dedicated love for life, always trying to improve, to catch the atmosphere whether it is a person, a landscape, a still life or animal.

Living nature, including people, is so beautiful and a real challenge to capture this beauty! That is portraiture, that is painting!