Willem Roelofs was a  Dutch landscape painter around 1850 whom became famous for his dramatic paintings of skies. He was not interested in painting landscapes when the sun was shining, he was interested in the dramatic atmosphere.  Or maybe it came in handy that Holland has more days of this windy, wet and stormy skies that he has chosen to paint this wind, well you can see why the Outer Hebrides are so inspiring too and Suzan with similar atmosphere.

On the other hand the Turner sunsets inspire, also a painter of atmosphere a true Impressionist. The landscape of the Netherlands inspired, but the ever changing skies, the power of the ocean, the clear lights of the Hebrides, the Scottish weather, painting the atmosphere, the Impression of the moment is a real challenge. Like Claude Monet who in 1893 painted the Cathedral of Rouan at different times of the day reflecting changes in its appearance under different lighting conditions, painting the Temple at Northton set in the most dramatic landscape in the Western isles of the Scottish coast, in different light and atmosphere, is a fantastic opportunity, which is just around the corner. One has to paint to feel and experience this timeless feeling of beauty Suzan says.